An Imperial Affliction
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♡Susana♡ Music is my passion, Reading is my inspiration, Art is my expression, Writing is my frustration & John Green is my obsession☆ I'm the blue eyes girl**Other obsessions include: Game of Thrones, Katy Perry, Gossip Girl, Adam Levine and Patch Cipriano**


it’s so nice being alive at the same time as you

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I don’t know anything about Night Vale but this is beautiful


The Smiths - How Soon is Now

You shut your mouth

How can you Say

I go about things the wrong way

I am human and I need to be loved

Just like everybody else does.

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helene desmettre by joseph paradiso and yuki

Wanda Koop - Magic Hour 

REIGN (1x06)

How to get a boyfriend

I will never forget the way you touched my skin- like you were scared that you’d break a teacup and my skin was the entire closet of antique china- but sometimes I think that you wanted to smash the every piece.
I will never forget the way you used to look at me. Your eyes seemed to glow so intensely, but I’m still not sure if it was just the reflection of my eyes in yours.
I will never forget the look you had when I was talking my head off that one night. Your eyes seemed distant at times, but maybe you were just looking so deeply into my eyes that you got lost. Or maybe you really were never interested at all.
I will never forget the way it felt when you burned a hole in my heart. I’m still not sure if you did that on purpose or not, but holy shit, the pain is still there. The pain is still there.
written by MP (aka d-e-a-t-h-grip)

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